Work hard Play hard

Crazy sweaters, yellow pants and a smooth haircut. What more do you need?

What we love?

Fond of startups, new ideas, people pitching their product, prototyping and pancakes for lunch!

What we're proud of

Happy and returning customers, our own personal startup called Polarsteps and the awesome group of people that we work with every week!


Serving 300.000 unique visitors in the first month. Excited about our collaboration with TMG!


We created a tool that helps doctors to justify their medical decisions in a multidisciplinary team. The same tool helps the patient to understand the consequences and implications of specific choices that could be made during treatment.


For over a year we have worked together with Blendle on getting their first prototype ready. We collaborated on concept and product vision but were in the lead of User Experience design and Front end development.


After having worked on an MVP for over a year we’re almost ready to launch our Polarsteps App and the new website. Stay tuned and get early access at

A startup that we’ve worked with (and still) for over 2 years. is a platform that helps mobilise employees that are stuck or aren’t growing professionally.

Who WE are?

A bunch of energetic, playful but hardworking wizkids that are passionate about everything startup, digital and interactive.

Señor Bokkers

Product manager & project manager

Mister Harmsen

Interaction & interface designer

Nice to know Nico

Project manager & web developer

Monsieur Hacquebord

Web developer

Madame Jolijn

Intern brand police

Señorita Kelly

Intern innovation research

Now tell me, who are YOU?

If you’re a potential new client, a freelancer, looking for a job or just one of those people that always have ideas and want to share your thoughts, we’re always interested in having a chat with you.

Freelancers be welcome

We’d love to have you work with us. If you just want to sit down and taste the Concept M atmosphere; good! You can check in using PLEK.


At this moment we’re hosting 2 interns already but we’ll be accepting new interns starting from may!

Someone brilliant

We have had loads of people joining us for lunch unannounced, pitching their ideas.

So when do we meet?

In spring and summer time our doors are usually open. We also have a doorbell. If you are a 100% digital, you can contact us at Calling is okay too: (030) 212 08 78

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