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We'd love to explain what it is we do here but why don't you just come over for coffee or lunch? Easy and personal. Right?

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Work hard Play hard

Crazy sweaters, yellow pants and a smooth haircut. What more do you need?

What we love?

Concept development, user experience design, interface design, front end webdev and of course; the lean startup.


Serving 300.000 unique visitors in the first month. Excited about our collaboration with TMG!

Kingsnight '14

Concept M's party of the year. Knight 2014. Be sure to check in, next year!

Acquity Group

Concept development @ AG Chicaco HQ.

Christmas 2015

30% discount on our Product Management hours. Boost your startup this xmas!

Freelancers be welcome

Come and work at our office. Bring your headphones since it can be quite noisy!
Check in at Plek

Kingsnight '14

Concept M's celebrity photo booth.

Concept M 2011

And so it began... Deventer downtown. So peaceful 8)

Herr Hacquebord

Front end guru

SeƱor Bokkers

Concept developer

Concept M

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The Netherlands
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